Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

1st January 1958, L to R: Jim French, Warwick Middleton, Allan Middleton, Graham Middleton, George Middleton, Marian Middleton, Wallace French, Beth Middleton & Joan French
Christmas 1979: Allan, Marian, Beth, Graham and George Middleton
Trauma & Dissociation Unit, Belmont Hospital, circa 1998
Conference, “Trauma and Dissociation”, featuring Prof Onno van der Hart, Utrecht University – The Netherlands.  Conference convened under auspices of RANZCP-Special Interest Group on Psychological Trauma and The Cannan Institute, held at Belmont Hospital, 23rdMarch 2000
13th September 2003, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne: three day international conference, “Transforming Trauma: Critical, Controversial and Core Issues”, convened by The Delphi Centre in collaboration with The Cannan Institute, and The Trauma and Dissociation Unit, Belmont Hospital et. al. Grand Hyatt, Melbourne 12th-14thSeptember 2003, 525 attendees.
(Back Row, L to R) Russell Meares, Marlene Hunter, John Briere, Warwick Middleton, Colin Ross, Naomi Halpern, John Read
(Front Row, L to R) Ellert Nijenhus, Jeffrey Masson, Susan Henry, Yuichi Hattori, Vedat Sar
4th September 2004: John Briere seminar, Brisbane
Trauma & Dissociation Unit dinner, 21st December 2005
A Cannan Institute Dinner Meeting, Belmont Hospital, 2006
Susan Henry, Warwick Middleton and Naomi Halpern, Melbourne seminar 8th April, 2006
Audience, 2-day seminar, presented by Warwick Middleton, Fremantle 14th-15th July 2006
James Scott and Alison McColl, Cannan Institute Dinner, 30th October, 2006
Launceston, 18th November 2006
Westmead Hospital, 5th May 2007
Christine Courtois Seminar, Brisbane, 16th September 2007
Lenaire Seagar, Michelle Brown and Mark McHugh
Brisbane, 25th May 2008. As Chair of the Cannan Institute and Chair of its Conference Organising Committee as well as director of the Trauma and Dissociation Unit, (TDU) Belmont Hospital, worked closely with The Delphi Centre in collaboratively convening the conference series, “Reconsidering Trauma: Treatment Advances, Relational Issues and Mindfulness in Integrated Trauma Therapy” featuring Assoc Prof John Briere, Leonda By The Yarra 16th-17thMay 2008, Westmead Hospital 20th-21stMay 2008, and Bardon Centre (Brisbane) 24th-25th May 2008, (collectively 1,350 attendees)
Susan Henry, John Briere & Naomi Halpern, Brisbane, 25th May 2008

26th August 2011, World Congress of Psychotherapy, Darling Harbour, Sydney: Warwick Middleton, Martin Dorahy & Colin Ross


Some of the 100+ guests, Cannan Institute dinner meeting featuring Prof Martin Dorahy, Belmont Hospital, 13th February 2012
Prof Martin Dorahy (Right) presenting at a Cannan Institute dinner meeting, Belmont Hospital, 13th February 2012. With him is Dr Mark Spelman
ISSTD Annual Conference, Long Beach California, 20th October 2012
Queensland launch of the A.S.C.A. Guides concerning complex trauma and trauma informed care at Belmont Hospital, 29th May 2013, L to R: Warwick Middleton, Pam Stavropoulos, Lawrence Springborg (Queensland Minister for Health), Bill Kingswell, Cathy Kezelman, Julia Bellamy & Patrick McGurrin
Phaedra Crisp, Leigh and Mary. Cannan Institute dinner meeting – guest speaker, Jan Ewing PhD, Belmont Hospital, 8th September 2014


22nd October 2014, ISSTD Board of Directors, Long Beach, California.Front Row, L to R: Christa Kruger, Christine Forner, Lynette Danylchuk, Joan Turkus, Adam Sachs, Warwick Middleton, Therese Clemens.Back Row, L to R: Paula Thomson, Martin Dorahy, Victor Welzant, Phil Kinsler, Kevin Connors, Joan Golston



ISSTD Annual Conference, Long Beach, California, 22nd October 2014: Board Meeting

Front, L to R: Warwick Middleton and Joan Turkus

Rear, L to R: Phil Kinsler and Lynette Danylchuk

ISSTD Board Meeting 15th April 2015, Orlando, Florida: Christine Forner, Therese Clemens and Lynette Danylchuk
Dr Michael Daubney, presenting at a Cannan Institute dinner meeting, 15th June 2015
TDU Strategic Planning Meeting, 17th November, 2015. Clockwise from L front: Jo Levin, Alison McColl, Andrew Christensen, Michelle Galati, Michael Martin, Laura, Sally, Lenaire Seager & Mary Williams
ISSTD Regional Conference, Martin Place, Sydney, 27th November 2015
Lisa Danylchuk, climbing the rigging of a tall ship, as it passes under Sydney Harbour Bridge, 27th November 2015, Conference Harbour Cruise
ISSTD Regional Conference, Sydney, 28th November 2015
Panel from L to R: Warwick Middleton, Naomi Halpern, Rick Kluft, Cathy Kezelman, Sandra Hacker, Russell Meares & Bethany Brand
Dr Cathy Kezelman & Hon Justice Peter McClellan QC, ISSTD Regional Conference, Sydney, 27th-29th November 2015
ISSTD Board Meeting, 30th March 2016, San Francisco
Back row (standing), L to R: Martin Dorahy, Lynette Danylchuk, Christine Forner, Therese Clemens, Adah Sachs, Paula Thomson, Mike Dadson, Willa Wertheimer, Mary Pat Hanlin, Caroline Brock, Warwick Middleton
Front row (seated), L to R: Bob Slater, Joan Haliburn, Christa Kruger, Rick Hohfeler and Peter Makes
Rick Kluft & Martin Dorahy, 1st April 2016, San Francisco
Alcatraz, 1st April 2016, ISSTD Conference cruise, San Francisco
Trauma & Dissociation Unit, 20th Anniversary Conference, Brisbane Conference & Convention Centre, 18th March 2017: Mary Williams, Jo Levin & Lenaire Seager
Trauma & Dissociation Unit, 20th Anniversary Conference, Brisbane Conference & Convention Centre, 18th March 2017: Conference dinner
ISSTD Board 29th March, 2017, Washington DC.

Front Row (seated), L to Right: Kevin Connors, Warwick Middleton, Martin Dorahy, Christine Forner, Bob Slater.

Back Row (standing), L to Right: Mary Pat Hanlin, Rick Hofeler, Heather Hall, Kimber Olson, Vitor Welzant, Christa Kruger, Peter Makes, Adah Sachs, Paula Thomson, Willa Wertheimer, Mike Dadson, Joan Haliburn, Michael Coy & Therese Clemens


Annual ISSTD Conference, Washington, 2nd April 2017


Chicago ISSTD Board Meeting, 19th March 2018: Kevin Connors, Christine Forner, Martin Dorahy and Warwick Middleton
ASCH Basic Hypnosid Workshop, Chicago ISSTD Conference, Chicago, 22nd March 2018: Gina Manlove 7 Wendy Lemke (at bottom)